Looking back, it had to happen. Playing in nature, travelling, tracking, biology, field work, bushcraft... These are all pieces of a puzzle that for me is wildlife photography. It is my life.




Because I LOVE it. Being out, experiencing the world with all of my senses, bringing beauty back for others to see.

I use these pictures and stories to build a bridge between the wilderness that so few get to experience these days and show them what is out there. To show them the world that trully sustains us and sustains our souls, dreams and imagination. I show them a world that needs our respect and protection.



My name is Janez Tarman. 31 years old with plenty of experience under my belt and plenty still to come. I am a freelance photographer and wildlife is my main subject.  I focus on telling amazing  stories that exist out there and bring them back for all to see.

But there is another aspect to my carreer. It is eco-turism. I am a certified national tourist guide. I combine eco-tourism with wildlife photography and offer a range of wildlife workshops, guided bear tours etc.

I live life to the fullest. Every day is an adventure.



This page.


It's not about me.

Ursus arctos is the latin name for the brown bear. The brown bear is the common point to all of my photography. Editorial and tourist driven. Hence the name "Ursa Photographica". Ursa is the female form of Ursus. 


It is meant to be a gathering place for everybody that loves wildlife photography. The core of it is the NEWS page, where you can get all the latest and greatest without having to browse through countless sources of information.

It is about BEARS. They are the ambassadors of the wilderness which is incrisingly harder to fiind. We have plenty of it in Slovenia. If you would like to experience it, check out the BEAR TOURS tab.


Just in case you don't belive me, check out the  PORTFOLIO tab for pictures of what awaits if you come and visit. :)

Enjoy the page.